about me

I am a highly adaptable and skilled developer in multiple programming languages, focusing in Mobile Full Stack Development and Solutions Architecture, User Experience and User Interaction. I am a creative thinker, eager to find and solve problems quickly and elegantly. Furthermore I am artistically skilled in 2D graphics design, 3D graphics, computer animations, vfx, video editing and photography.
Before, After and during my studies I was involved in many projects (big and small) as Developer, Lead Artist, Designer or Concept Artist. Furthermore I did what every other IT student does to earn his daily bread. Fixing broken computers and setting up websites.
As an Android Programmer for a Vienna-based Company, I was able to launch a couple of successful apps for well known international and national customers, most of which show more than 500k downloads and listed as top 10 in their category. In 2012, one of these apps, won the Mawa Award (http://www.mobileaward.at/) for best app in Austria.
One of my proudest achievements was the development of a highly flexible and extendible cluster system, which is today distributing push notifications for multiple mobile device platforms in a matter of milliseconds.
Since then I have been expanding my horizon by designing and developing user interfaces and user experience for different mobile solutions on various mobile platforms as a freelancer for multiple international customers.
Since 2014, I have been technically leading development teams as a consultant for one of the biggest Employers in the Netherlands.


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